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                                       KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA JHALAWAR (RAJ.)
                                         COMMITTEE AND CLUBS  2018-19
         Secondary Section 2016-17                      Snr Sect:     Sh M.K.Gupta PGT (Maths) I/C      
S.No Subject In-Charge Post
1 English Smt.Sulochana Meena PGT(Eng)
2 Hindi Sh. Naval Kishor PGT(Hindi)
3 Maths Sh. M.K.Gupta PGT(Maths)
4 Science Mr. S.P. Ola PGT(Chem.)
5 Social Science Sh.K.R.Meena TGT(SST)
6 Sanskrit Sh. S.M.Bairwa TGT(SKT)
7 Computer Sh. Pankaj Mehra PGT(CS)
8 Commerce Smt. REETU RANI PGT (Comm.)
9 Economic Sh.V.K.Saini PGT (Eco.)
S.No Name of Teacher Post Incharge/Member
1 Sh. Pawan Jain  ( Primary Section ) 2018-19    I/C  
2.  CCA COMMITTEE   - 2018-19
1.  Sh. Naval Kishor PGT (HINDI)      I/C
2. Smt.Sulochana Meena PGT (Eng.)         Associate
3.  Sh. S.M.Bairwa  TGT (SKT.)            Associate
4. Smt.Pragati Sharma                       I/C  Pry. Section
5.  Ms.Jyoti Yadav         Associate
6. All House Masters - House on Duty
7.  All Sub-Staff
1.  Sh Naval Kishore PGT(Hindi)          I/C
2.  Smt.Pragati Sharma  PRT            I/C Pri Section
3. Miss Divyanshu Yadav PET
4. Mr. Raghuwar Dayal Mus Tr
5. Miss Priyanka Upadhyaya TGT (WE) for PA system in Assembly & all functions
6. All House Masters - House on Duty
7. All Class Teachers along with their classes
S.No. House House Master(Snr Sec) House Master(Pr.Sec)
1 Shivaji 1.Miss Gurvinder Kaur PGT(Chem.)  I/C 1.Ms.Jyoti Yadav        PRT  I/C
    2. Mrs. Neena Shrivastava TGT (Art) 2. Ms.Mahazabee             PRT
    3. Sh. M.C.Meena TGT (Hindi)    
    4.                                     Computer Instrutor   
2 Tagore 1. Mr.Upendra Raman            PGT (Phy.)  I/C      1.Mr. Amit Roy     PRT     I/C
    2.Sh.M.K.Gupta  PGT(Maths) 2.  Ms.Shallu Shrivastava       PRT
    3.Sh. Aftab Aalam  TGT(Maths)
    4.Mr.K.R.Meena  , TGT(SST)  
3 Ashoka 1. Sh..V.K.Saini  PGT(Eco.) I/C 1.Ms.Nandini      PRT    I/C
    2. Mr. Rohitash Meena   TGT (ENG.) 2. Smt.Asha Rajawat            PRT
    3. Sh.P.M.Verma , TGT(SST)  
    4.Smt.Ranju Jawa , PGT(COMM.)  
4 Raman 1. Sh. Pankaj Mehra PGT (Comp)  I/C 1. Smt.Pragati Sharma   PRT  I/C
    2.Sh.S.C.Rathore TGT(Maths) 2.Smt. Aaditya P.Bhati           PRT
    3. Sh. D.R.Meena TGT (Sc.)  
    4.Ms.Rama Hada , TGT(Eng.)  
          3.  OTHER DEPARTMENTS 2018-19
S.No Departments In-charge Post
1 V.V.N Sh. M.K. Gupta PGT (Maths)
2 Teaching Aids  Sh. Vipul Saxena  TGT (SSt)
3 Computer Sh. Pankaj Mehra  PGT(Comp Sc.)
4 Audio Visual Aids  Sh. Vipul Saxena  TGT (SSt)
5 Furniture  Sh.V.K.Saini PGT(Eco.)
    Ms.Jyoti Yadav PRT
6 Examination Sr Sec  1. Sh M.K. Gupta   I/C CBSE PGT (Maths)
    2. Miss Gurvinder Kaur  PGT(Chem.)
    3. Sh. D.R.Meena I/C Local exam TGT(Sc.)
    4. Sh.S.C.Rathore TGT (Maths)
  Examination Pry Sec 1. Sh. Amit Roy    I/C PRT
    2. Ms.Nandini PRT
7 Music 1. Mrs. Preeti Chauhan I/C Music Tr.
8 Resource Room 1. Sh. Pankaj Mehra Over All I/C PGT(Comp)
    2.Mr. Vipul Saxena  I/C RR1 TGT (SSt)
    3. Mr.Surendra Kumar Meena I/C RR2 PRT
9 Activity Room (Sen.) 1. Mrs.Neena Shrivastava I/C TGT(Art)
10 Jr Science Lab 1. Sh. D.R.Meena    I/C TGT(Sc)
11 Comp Lab I & II 1. Sh. Pankaj Mehra  I/C PGT(Comp)
12 Staff Comp Lab 1. Sh. Pankaj Mehra  I/C PGT(Comp)
S.NO. Committees and clubs In-charge Post
1 Adventure club & Excursion club 1. Miss Divyanshu Yadav sen.sec. I/C PET
    2. Sh. R.S. Raiger I/C Pry PRT
    3. All Class Teachers   
2 Nature & Eco club &  1.                                                       I/C PGT(Bio)
  Olympiad 2. Sh. D.R.Meena                       TGT(Sc)
    3. All Sub-Staff  
3 Science Exhibition & 1.Miss Gurvinder Kaur   I/C PGT(Chem.)
  Olympaid 2 PGT(Bio)
    3. Sh. D.R.Meena                       TGT(Sc)
4 So. Sc. Exhibition 1.     Sh. Vipul Saxena      I/C TGT(S.St)
    2.   Sh. P.M.Verma                             TGT(S.St)
5 Maths Lab, Maths Club & 1. Sh M.K. Gupta I/C  PGT(Maths)
  Olympiad 2. Sh. S.C. Rathore  TGT(Maths)
    3.Mr.Aftab Aalam TGT(Maths)
6 Scouts and Guides 1.  Sh.S.M.Bairwa  I/C Sen. Sec TGT(Skt)
    2.Sh.K.R.Meena TGT(S.St)
    3. Sh.Pankaj Mehra  PGT(Comp)
    4.Sh.V.K.Saini PGT(Eco.)
    5. Sh.M.C.Meena TGT(Hindi)
    6.   Sh. P.M.Verma                             TGT(S.St)
    7. Sh. R.S Raigar    I/C Pr Sec PRT
    8. Sh. Amit Roy PRT
    9.Ms.Mahzabee PRT
    10. Mrs. Preeti Chauhan Music Tr.
7 Admission Committee 1. Sh. R.S Raigar           I/C (Class 1 to 9) PRT
    2. Sh. S.K.Meena PRT
    2. Sh.M.K.Gupta         I/C  class XI PGT(Maths)
8 Discipline/Grievance 1.. Sh. Naval Kishor               I/C PGT(Hindi)
  (M/F) Redressal/Sexual  2. Miss Divyanshu Yadav  PET
  Harassment 3. Sh. R.S Raigar  PRT
    4. Sh. S.K.Meena PRT
    5. Sh.Aftab Aalam TGT(Maths)
    6. All Class Teachers  
    7.All Sub-Staff  
9 Library Committee 1. Mrs.Priyanka Upadayaya          I/C TGT(WET)
    2. Smt. Sulochana Meena PGT(Eng)
    3. Sh Naval Kishore PGT(Hindi)
    4. Sh. D.R.Meena                       TGT(Sc)
    5. Ms.Shalu Srivastava PRT
    6. All Subject Teachers  
    7. All Class Teachers  
10 Publication Committee, 1. Sh Naval Kishor               I/C PGT(Hindi)
  Vidyalaya Patrika &  2. Smt.Sulochana Meena PGT(Eng)
  News Letter 3. Ms.Rama Hada TGT(Eng) 1
    4. Sh.M.C. Meena TGT(Hindi)
    5. Sh. S.M.Bairwa TGT(Skt)
    6. Sh. Amit Roy PRT
    7. All Class Teachers  
11 Hindi Raj Bhasha 1. Sh Naval Kishore                 I/C PGT(Hindi)
  Committee 2. Sh.M.C. Meena TGT(Hindi)
    3. Sh.S.M.Bairwa TGT(Skt)
    4. Sh. Sumit Puri LDC
12 CMP Activities 1.Ms.Jyoti Yadav     I/C                         PRT
    3. Sh. Surendra Kumar Meena PRT
    4. Sh. Amit Roy PRT
    5. All classt Teachers of Pry Sect. PRT
13 Condemnation Committee 1. All Deptt. Heads         I/C  
14 Time Table Committee 1.  Miss Gurvinder Kaur    Sen.Sec.   I/C PGT(Chem.)
    2. Sh. S.C. Rathore  TGT(Maths)
    3. Sh. Surendra Meena    Pry.     I/C PRT
    4. Ms.Mahazbee        PRT
15 Games & Sports 1. Miss Divyanshu Yadav                I/C PET
    2. Sh. Surendra Meena     (pry Sect) PRT
16 Health & Hygiene, 1. Miss Divyanshu Yadav PET
  Medical Check up 2. Sh. R.S Raigar  PRT
    3. All Class Teachers  
17 National Adolescent 1. Sh. Vipul Saxena             I/C TGT(SST.)
  Education Programme 2. Miss Priyanka Upadhyaya  TGT(WE)
18 Staff Quarter Maintenance & 1. Sh. D.R.Meena              I/C TGT(Sc.)
  Repair Committee 2. Miss Priyanka Upadhyaya  TGT(WE)
    3. Sh. Naval Kishor PGT(Hindi)
    4.All Sub-Staff  
19 Maintenance & Repair , 1. Sh. R.S.Raigar             I/C PRT
   Beaufication & Cleanness  2. Miss Priyanka Upadhyaya  TGT(WE)
    3. Sh. Navel Kishor PGT(Hindi)
  4.All Sub-Staff  
20 Staff Quarters Allotement  1. Sh. R.S Raigar              I/C PRT
  Committee 2. Sh. Naval Kishor PGT(Hindi)
    5. Sh. Rohitash Meena  TGT(Eng) 
21 Development of School  1. Sh. Pankaj Mehra Over All I/C PGT(Comp)
  website & updates 2. Sh. Amit Roy PRT
22 PTM  1. Sh.M.K.Gupta   Sen.Sec.             I/C PGT(Maths)
  Committee 2. Sh. Pawan Jain           PRY.  I/C PRT
         All the New Committee /Deptt Heads/I/Cs are requested to take over the charge of their respective 
     Deptts / Committees with immediate effect and report to the U/S for further necessary action.
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